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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday Fun Day

Driving up to my job this morning I saw what looked like a pile of leaves and a ladder in my clients front lawn.  I thought, "Gee, they must have been up early doing yard work!"  Lol!!  They were actually being creative.  As you can see Miss C is happily ready for her 3rd birthday!!  I've been doing this dolls pics since she was a baby & while she is still an itty bitty it never gets old seeing how much she has matured, talking & she just keeps becoming more of a funny lady too.  Thank you Miss C & Family for being a beautiful & happy ending to my 2014 season!  {{Hugs}}

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall Mini's....Finalllly!! :)

I was SO excited to finalllly do a Fall Mini Session.  My 1st ever which doesn't include the countless ones I've done of my own children over the years & of course those years were always 80 degrees.  It was chilly, but a beautiful day with 3 very beautiful families.  Thank you for coming out & being a part of this exciting event for me.  Thank you for taking part in something that I love to do so much.  I had lots of fun with each of you!  {{Hugs}}

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy Hearts II

Another Summer, another session with Mr. B.  Actually, make that another FUN session with Mr. B!  Too funny that my blog capture last year was in this same area that just must exude LoVe!!  Nothing like snapping your camera & just "feeling" love & knowing without even looking that it's an awesome capture.  In my mind I saw bokeh hearts all around them!  I couldn't wait to get it in my computer!  Even better this year were no mosquitoes!!  They loved Mr. B so much last year & just ate him up.  That was some editing & some itching I'm sure we could have all done without.  Anyone looking for a fantastic mosquito keep away?  Another photog friend of mine told me about Theracell Mosquito Repellent.  No bug spray & works great!!!  I'm so thrilled!  I was also thrilled to catch up with my friend & watch our babies play.  Once again like 3-4 lunch was just yesterday!  Lol!!  Thank you for another super fun day!!  :)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Snow White Saturday

Aside from my terrible allergies...I had the most magical session yesterday.  Miss O is having a Snow White party for her 2nd birthday & her Nana even made her this beautiful dress.  We just let her frolic & explore my back property & she was just a fun, live doll the whole time.  I loved this capture because it caught both detailed sides of her grandmothers handy work with the mirror & it just oozes princess couture.  The color image to me is simply dreamy & then I did the b&w conversion which made me gasp because it suddenly became a different sort of enchanting.  The photographing & now editing of this job only makes my heart want to whistle while I work.  Yes, I'm throwing in the corny movie lines!  I can't help myself.  This lil doll was just too sweet.  Thank you Miss O for spending your Saturday morning with us & may all your birthday wishes come true!!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Facebook Family Reunion

I've heard people say how the internet is a bad thing.  Perhaps.  Though it also can be a very wonderful thing.  Thanks to Facebook I noticed a cousin of mine who was friends with someone with a family last name. We graduated the same year from the same high school.  I decided to message her & sure enough her dad is my aunts brother & so we are also cousins!  We even grew up streets away from each other!  It is kind of a bummer to think we weren't in each others lives growing up when we were so near by.  Sometimes the internet makes the world a perfectly smaller place because today we got to unite over a portrait session & got to connect not only with her, but her mom, her husband, her baby girl & their furry puppy love.  It was a beautiful day & just warm enough to get a few pics outside too.  I had so much fun taking pictures of them & it was also nice to feel like we were already connected with ease & fun of talking.  This picture doesn't show how fun loving her tiny doll is with her infectious smiles, but it does capture how beautiful my 2 cousins are here & how happy my heart is to have found them.  {{Hugs}}

Friday, February 7, 2014

Photo Tip Friday

These darn snow days.  No school today had my brain switched ahead feeling like it's Saturday.  Not complaining.  Been loving the extended weekends & having my baby loves home with me.  But..I SO can't wait till Spring!
Anyhow!  An important lil message from
"Printed photos should be stored in archived quality boxes or albums that protect them from light, and stored in locations with low humidity and average room temperatures."
Have a great weekend!!  {{Hugs}}

Friday, January 31, 2014

Cherish Every Moment

Lucy Carolena at 2 years old.  It wasn't till I opened this image up on my computer for the very 1st time that she suddenly didn't look like a baby anymore, but the whole time while I was taking the pics I didn't notice it.  That's what's so cool about photography.  It gives you the chance to step back out of your busy life & just take all the beautiful moments in.  <3 p="">

Friday, January 17, 2014

Shopping Splurge

Just a fun incentive for yourselves today.  Perhaps it's payday & it's burning a lil hole in your pocket?  If you might be willing to splurge on a handbag for yourself, perhaps you might also want to splurge on some prints.  It's something not just for you, but for anyone who comes into your home to enjoy.  Always a great conversation piece & a constant happy & positive vibe of love.  Have a wonderful weekend!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Filling 2014's always bitter sweet to get back into the usual routine.  I was crazy thrilled with the 3 snow days that extended Christmas break.  But back to reality & our family schedules.  Please keep in mind, that my baby loves schedules come before all else & our calendar time is precious.  We all know how quickly are children grow up on us.  Please be sure to book your sessions while openings are still available.  I was putting bookings in my new planner well before 2013 ended.  I look forward to your sessions not just to capture memories for you, but because your session is also my "me" time &  time to do what I love & I look forward to them oh so much!  Many blessings of good health & happiness for 2014.