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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy Hearts II

Another Summer, another session with Mr. B.  Actually, make that another FUN session with Mr. B!  Too funny that my blog capture last year was in this same area that just must exude LoVe!!  Nothing like snapping your camera & just "feeling" love & knowing without even looking that it's an awesome capture.  In my mind I saw bokeh hearts all around them!  I couldn't wait to get it in my computer!  Even better this year were no mosquitoes!!  They loved Mr. B so much last year & just ate him up.  That was some editing & some itching I'm sure we could have all done without.  Anyone looking for a fantastic mosquito keep away?  Another photog friend of mine told me about Theracell Mosquito Repellent.  No bug spray & works great!!!  I'm so thrilled!  I was also thrilled to catch up with my friend & watch our babies play.  Once again like 3-4 lunch was just yesterday!  Lol!!  Thank you for another super fun day!!  :)