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Friday, December 20, 2013

Making Memories...

This is my last blog entry for 2013!  I can't believe I blogged nearly every week for a year?  Yay me!!  Lol!!  I hope much of it was helpful & interesting.  I'm spending the rest of the year with my lovies.  I can't wait till my oldest gets home from school today so Christmas break can officially begin!  Thank you everyone for another amazing year.  Praying all of you have a happy holidays & blessed 2014.  {{BIG HUGS!!}}

Friday, December 13, 2013

Spreading Holiday Cheer Shout Outs

Today I would like to give a shout out to a few of my fave vendors.  I hope they inspire you as they do me.  Have a wonderful weekend!  {{Hugs}}  

Friday, December 6, 2013

"That there is the gift that keeps on giving." ~ Cousin Eddie ;)

The holiday season...or any celebration is a great opportunity to be unique & give something other than the typical gifts ~ socks, fruitcake, etc...  There are SO many items that can be made from your portrait sessions.  I've included a "Nice List" below & don't forget to support local if you can.  I recently had a 16x24 canvas made by Gerbasi Signs at a fantastic price with fantastic quality.  Happy shopping & have a wonderful weekend!  {{Hugs!}}

Prints of all sorts: Canvas, Metallic, Poster, Collage, etc...
Pillow Cases
Wall or Desk Calendar
Ceramic or Travel Mugs or Frosted Stein
Mouse Pad
Cell phone cover or sticker for your cell phone cover
Tote Bag
Purse or Hand Bag
Photo Album or Brag Book
Growth Chart
Cards, Stationary, Note Pad or Notebook
Keepsake Box
Cutting Board
Place Mat
Serving Tray
Bowls & Plates
Shirts & ties
Key Chain
Playing Cards & Puzzles
Tablet & Laptop Sleeves
etc, etc, etc...
There are also some great diy photo gift tutorials on Pinterest too!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Booking for 2014!!

2012 & 2013 I had been blessed start booking sessions starting in November just a couple months before the year was over & was booked full for both years by February.  It's not that I'm booked every day or week of the month.  I take on only 1 or 2 jobs a month.  I wish I could book more, but you see I am already fully busy with 3 blessings that drive my Star Portraits passion.  My most important title I could ever be blessed with is Mommy*.  I take great pride in feeding, dressing, wiping & loving my 3 baby loves.  I have assumed that once they were all in school I could take on more jobs.  Then my oldest who is in 2nd grade started cheer leading this year.  Cheering for the city, cheering for school football & basketball camps, my middle daughter started pre-school & my oldest also started PSR.  Suddenly Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays, Saturdays & Sunday were eaten up by their activities.  I added chauffeur to my resume this year.  As well as "Cheer Mom"!  Most families also have a dad who works a Monday thru Friday job with 9 to 5 hours who can help out most evenings or weekends.  I often feel like a single mom.  Our daddy works 6 days a week & long hours.  We can't complain as he has given us a beautiful home & the ability for me to stay home & be the sole care giver of our lovies.  And while I hate his schedule I also hate that he often misses out on cheer games, school events, etc...  While the new schedule was hectic it was also amazingly fulfilling.  I can't imagine how busy we will be when everyone is in school & into various activities.  While I was slightly concerned that more hours of my day were taken away I quickly learned this did not interfere with my current work schedule, but definitely did not seem like I was going to be able to take on more work in the future??  I'm not sure really yet?  I am only certain that my babies come first.  Because we don't have a baby sitter they also come to work with me.  The are a package deal & my L's have become very good working assistants now!  When it comes to Star Portraits I make sure that the time I set aside for that passion is solely per job.  I do not like working on multiple jobs at once & spreading myself thin.  I shoot a session, I take the time to give my full editing attention to that session & right down to shipping before I shoot my next session.  I reserve my calendar not just for work, but with ample space to allow for our own family items of not just our weekly schedules, but I leave room for our family birthdays & holidays, ( the shopping of, getting ready for & celebrating ), I include some open times in case of doctor appointments or illnesses, that hopefully nothing ever interferes with a job I am working on.  I give any job all my time and attention.  I sometimes get an impression from people when I tell them sadly that I am booked for that month or for the year that they are mad.  I don't know if they don't care I have a family of my own too?  I don't know what it is?  Perhaps I read into it because I am a people pleaser & am always worried of not making people happy.  I always say I wish I could clone myself.  A me for home & a me for work!  No matter what the schedule holds for Star Portraits in the future my priority will always be my baby loves 1st ~ that includes my husband who is truly my biggest baby.  I hope & I think most people get this because when  they see the work I do for them I devote that time to capturing the essence & importance of your family forever.  Having made all that clear I am humbled to say that once again I have already started booking for 2014.  I don't expect to be booked for the year always again by February.  I just hope for the understanding that while I have a passion in capturing memories with quality for your families, please know that I have my own family that needs me too.  I have hopes to one day to be busier with Star Portraits, but even if that never comes to be it doesn't matter.  That time will happily be spent with my children who are growing all to darn fast.  Book now or don't be mad later if I'm booked up.  Please remember I am a mommy too; with a wonderful husband who works late & 6 days a week.  Most of the home & children duties are all on me.  This also means when I get to focus on Star Portraits that time working on your portraits is my zen time!  My time to get to do something for myself that I truly enjoy.  You can be sure if you were blessed enough to get a session with me that I work on your session fullheartedly.  Thank You!!!  (P.S ~ Fighting one of my infamous migraines today.  I'm feeling better, but I apologize if I jumped all over the place & any run on sentences.  Lol! )  I'm going to zone out the pain with some laundry!  {{Hugs!}}

Friday, November 22, 2013

Thankful Part III

To wrap up Star Portraits month of thankfulness I of course must thank my clients!!!  Some of you are friends & family who became clients & many of you are clients who also have become very dear friends.  In my 5+ years of being out to the public I have never paid to advertise or market myself.  I am honored to say that in thanks to all of you I am continuously booked each month & year & it's pointless to advertise when I don't have any extra openings.  I have been thrilled to watch your families multiply & your children grow from infants into remarkable children.  Thank you!  You have also seen me grow in my skills as a photographer.  Thank you for continuing on this journey with me & allowing me to grow & learn with such patience & most importantly LOVE.  I have the most amazing & loving friends/clients!!!  I end this 3 part blog entry wishing my past, current & future clients nothing but joy, love, happiness, good health, good fortune & many many blessings always.  ( I think I've said that many a times in the past & it won't be the last! )  I've always had a passion for photography...but I am filled with true love for my work because of you.  Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Thankful Part II

 Continuing this months blog of thankfulness in regards to Star Portraits & my photographic journey.  Today I would like to thank those who have inspired & helped me to become the photographer I am today.  Some I am blessed to know personally, some I am blessed to know at least cyberly?  Lol!  ( some of you for years now from back in our days of Flickr!! )   & a few may have no idea who I am, but I think you are awesome & your work continues to spark my own love for photography.  Blessings & gratitude to you all!  xoxoxo

Rob Drago 

Sherry Solara

Skye Hardwick

David Schwartz

Beth Simmons

Makenzie Lee

Shana Rosengarten

Amber Rogers

Skip Trombetti & the employees of

Heather Reiber

Annie Manning

Victoria Caverhill

Colleen Waiter
With A Click of Bliss

Rosie Fluegel

Kim Andelkovic

Melissa Bulfone

Kelley Ryden

Johnna LaFaith

Kristen Nicole


Dale Dominic

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Still Shining!!

It's amazing how swiftly time flies.  Seems like just months ago I was taking Miss C's newborn pics.  She's still a tiny doll, but my goodness!  How smart she is!  At 2 years old she knows all her colors & talks so well.  I went into the session & even prepared her parents that 2 year olds run the photo session & candids are probably all we will achieve.  Of course she went & proved me wrong & was happy with each scene change, hair accessory, etc...  I can only imagine how proud her parents must be of such an amazing, tiny person & as always she brightens my days of work with her tiny self too.  Many, many more birthday blessings to Lil Miss Sunshine!  I know you are going to grow into an amazing young lady too!  

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Thankful Month

(Amazing I still have this.  The very 1st picture I ever took with my very 1st camera.  My daddy's family.  Christmas Eve ~ 1986  xoxo)
I got on the thankful train almost 4 years ago.  I try to be grateful for things all day long & at night I try to remember to write down at least 5 things from the day that I am thankful for in my gratitude journal.  But I thought for my blog this month it might be nice to share what things I am thankful for in regards to Star Portraits & my photographic journey.  Today I would like to thank those who put the wheels of being a photographer in motion for me.  
I can't remember which of my Sovich uncles got me my very 1st camera on Christmas Eve back in 1986.  I was 10 years old & I still remember that Kodak Disc camera as being my fave gift that year.  I remember my Daddy being annoyed when I would keep asking him to develop or buy me more film.  
To my sister who had said she had liked my pics best from her wedding.  That sparked my inspiration though at the time that spark was too tiny for me to notice & do further with, but it still meant very much.
To my boyfriend who noticed I had a knack for taking pictures of his band & that I seemed to really enjoy it.  For our 1st Christmas as soon to be husband & wife he bought me first Nikon pro film gear.  Camera, lens, filters, flash, etc...  & being the blonde that I am I stillll didn't start putting the sparks together!
To my friend who asked me to do pictures of her baby girl.  Being a photographer never occurred to me other than that I enjoyed spending that time with them & just the taking of pictures.  That day will forever remind me to "Always Relax & Enjoy It".
To my neighbor who had seen some of my photos & hired me to do her youngest sons wedding.  You inspired me to upgrade to a digital camera.  
To my photography teacher ~ David Schwartz because once I got that digi cam I was too intimidated to use it.  And for your zeal for photography.  It was very catching.  
For my children.  You were finallllly my "Aha!" that turned those many sparks into a fire of photographic passion.  Thank you for being most patient & willing models.  
And once more to the boyfriend who became my husband who let me close out my retirement fund ( I know, that was bad!  Oh well!  Lol!! ) So I could start up Star Portraits LLC!  
Blessings & thankfullness to you all!  xoxoxoxoxo

Friday, October 25, 2013

Mother Nature's Fall Fail

I was crazy bummed that the day I finallly booked my 1st fall mini session was cold & damp.  It had rained on & off the days prior & the day before was purely miserable.  The sun shined bright the day of the session, but having wanted everyone to go ahead & not completely lose out on the last day of the weekend we went ahead & cancelled the eve before.  I have scoped the leaves for their prime 2 years in a row which are that week of October & the past 2 years it was a glorious 80 degrees.  Anyone who is still interested in this session for next year please mark your calendar for Sunday, October 19th.  Fingers, toes & eyeballs crossed for the glorious sunshine & 80 degrees again.  In the meantime I had at least captured some fall pics of my baby loves one day after school earlier that week when it was still warm.  Hope we can capture your baby loves like this last year.  Crazy to believe 4 days after our scheduled & cancelled mini session Lake County has already seen their first snow.  Boo!  Stay warm & have a wonderful weekend!!  {{Hugs}}

Friday, October 18, 2013

Frugal Friday Fun!

Louis Tortuga's 1st Fall

Just wanted to fill everyone in on a great deal I got via email today.  (3) 5x7 canvas prints for $18 OR..  a 16x20 for $35 + FREE shipping!  I have never used this company so I don't know of the quality, but if you have been itching to get prints done, but haven't do to pricing this might be a good try.  Check out the deal at the link below & have a wonderful weekend!!  {{Hugs!}}

Friday, October 11, 2013

Under Construction


Just over a year ago we moved to our dream home.  And like you hear on those TV shows on those home networks you rarely get all your wish list boxes checked off.  We got a Victorian, we got land, we did not get a full basement or full attic & while the land gave me 1.6 acres of lush & enchanted outdoor studio, I did not get my indoor studio.  One that I could leave set up at all times.  My husband also lost out on his music studio.  His keyboard is shoved in the "office" which is really just a pass through room into the only full bath which is only located on the 1st level of the house while my photo gear along with much of his music gear is stored in a closet for when needed.  Obviously we fell in love with the charm of this home & could envision the wonderful memories to be made here.  Thanks to Facebook we are in contact with our Sellers & the people who owned the home before them.  This room back in the 1800's was the Summer Kitchen.  The chimney is now gone & the bricks were used to make a path in the front yard.  Decades later it was then converted into a cozy country gathering room & then years after that into the fresh & clean decor.  It's really the only room without much character.  The rest of the home is rich with old wood trim, push light buttons & other timeless details you don't see in homes today.  So last night we went paint & light fixture shopping.  It's going to be a beach themed room & the ceiling light fixture will be replaced with this really cool nautical one.  Kinda looks like something you might have seen on a ship in the 1800's!  That wood stove is coming out as well as the carpet.  Added will be a blue stove on the opposite side of the room along with some cherry wood since that's the main flooring in the rest of the house.  What does this have to do with Star Portraits you may be wondering?  While I have done a couple indoor sessions in this space, having that back wall open will give me much more space & I won't need pretend wood floors!  The 2012 picture is from when we viewed this home.  It's primary purpose is my baby loves play room.  It stinks I have to sometimes share the space with them.  Our dream is to add on to the 2nd floor someday.  Add a full bath up their so you don't have to go allll they way downstairs in the middle of the night to use the restroom & glorious studio.  I know it will happen someday.  Don't know when.  Don't know how, but I look forward to it.  & in the meantime I am grateful for growing & improving this mini studio space for now too.  Keep watch for the After pics.  Hopefully by early November.  Have a wonderful weekend!!  {{HUGS}}

Friday, September 27, 2013

Friendly Friday!

I almost forgot to do my monthly Friendly Friday!  Please go to the Star Portraits Facebook page & in the comments below this post add the link to your local business, perhaps your favorite local business or even add an event that your or your fave small business is having soon.  Thank you for supporting your community & each other.  Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Elegant Miss "E"

Had a lovely start to the week with a new star doll.  Meet Miss "E"!  Isn't she just sweetness?!  I was also excited to use a new background & I think it went perfectly with her elegant & enchanting personality.  Just a tiny lil lady who recently celebrated her 1st birthday.  Everything from her tiny pigtails to her tippy toes are just lovely & I hope her next year is filled with lots of sugar & spice & all things nice.  

Friday, September 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Lucy!!!!!

My favorite lil diamond turns 5 soon!  She's always been my funny girl & the more things she learns in this crazy world the funnier she gets.  Not to mention prettier each day too.  I am soaking up every moment with her before she starts Kindergarten next year.  What will "your baby" brother & I do without you entertaining us?!  haha!!  Happy 5th Birthday Lucy Carolena!  We love you so so so so so much!!!!!  xoxoxoxoxo

Friday, August 30, 2013

What NOT To Wear

We just had our own family portraits done this Spring & I have to say the most fun for me was shopping for what we all would wear.  I hope it's obvious from above that doing "matchy matchy" is not the best way to go.  Unless you are going for - we are a super silly & fun family!  If that's the case, rock it!  It's easier to go for similar colors that compliment each other or have the same vibe.  For example, we live in a century home & for the L's I found these darling antique beige, lace dresses, a beige dress with an asymmetrical ruffle & my boys were in different styles of a white button down & beige shorts.  I've had a family use a main color of red, but each person had a different style of outfit.  One had a dress, others had jeans, one had a button down, others had polos.  And most importantly make sure it is something that each family member likes & will be comfortable while wearing.  When you are comfy it is reflected in your photos.  I can remember hating swim lessons as a kid simply because I thought my swimsuit was ugly.  Ugh!!  I can still see it.  Navy blue with a red belt that had a single, navy blue button right in the middle.  Eeeek!  I hope the pictured examples help.  You can always click on them to see them larger.  Have a fun & safe Labor Day weekend!  {{Hugs!!}}
Photo by Sherry Solara Photography!

Monday, August 19, 2013

First Mini Session Fun!

I had sooo much FUN at my 1st mini session & couldn't have asked for better lovies to be involved.  We had some cute vintage props & our barn made for a lovely, little, red school house vibe!  This session also reconnected me with a couple former classmates of my own & no doubt their children inherited their lovely hearts.  I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.  Keep posted for details of my next mini session coming up this Autumn!!  {{Hugs!}
PS:  click on image to see it larger.  ;)

Friday, August 16, 2013

What the Crop?

 Did you ever realize that the size you choose to print can slightly alter the image?  This is normal & I've posted a guide image from a photog pal so you can see what I mean.  Just click on the picture to see it larger.  Most online print companies have a Preview button so you can see how your image will look cropped in that size.  I hope this was another helpful lil tid bit.  Have a wonderful weekend!!  {{Hugs!}}

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Happy Hearts

I had a great day & session with a lovely friend I haven't seen since graduation.  I got to meet her amazing lil man & it was amazing how it felt like we just had 3-4 Lunch a week ago.  The old yearbooks got pulled out & we reminisced & laughed.  We also had a fun time taking pics of Mr. B.  Those gorgeous blue eyes & that amazing smile can't help, but make your heart happy.  The mosquitoes liked him & all of us very much as well.  I don't recall ever such a bad year of them, but he smiled thru outfit changes & had lots of energy & all that fun carried into him later playing with my kids like they have always known each other too.  Thank you for the honor of doing your portraits & for picking up like we never left off.  {{Hugs}}

Friday, August 9, 2013

Walmart - Get On the Shelf

I am always willing to support local, especially for family & friends.  A couple of great family friends of ours came up with an amazing product that this gal with ocd would love!  It's also affordable which makes it all the better.  Please go to the link below & check out their video & give them a vote so we can all enjoy.  Lets always support each other & have a wonderful weekend!!  Good luck Jeff & Christine!!  

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Picture Perfect!

July can be one of two things weather wise.  Either rainy or sweltering hot.  No one cares to look sweaty & red in the face for their portraits.  This last Sunday in July turned out to be almost chilly by Summer standards.  Honestly, perfect portrait weather!!  Not only was the weather perfect, the sky seemed to have perfectly happy clouds.  We were snapping away & the boys started to get a bit restless when I remembered Mr. J LOVES trains.  Suddenly I got a boost of work back out of them & a few fun pics by the tracks & about to head back when what does Mr. J notice in distance?  A faint choo choo!!  I nearly jumped around like I won the lottery when I got this shot.  The green, sunny setting, the picturesque blue sky, the train depot & the engine with bright light & the boys gave me 2 precious seconds away from looking at the train to look into my lens.  Like God lined up every single moment & told me just went to snap.  Happy hearts definitely make happy pictures.  Thank you "H" Family!!  Love you guys all so very much!  xoxoxoxo

Friday, July 26, 2013

Portrait Size Ideas For Your Gallery

Here is a great visual on what different size prints will look like on a wall.  The phrase, "Go big or go home." fits well here!  Depending on the size of your wall, the layout of your furniture, etc... Are you looking for one massive photo shrine of your loved ones or perhaps a wall of numerous 11x14's?  This can be so fun...& daunting.  I know I have a wall coming down our steps where when I can finally decide on which image of my children I want to put a HUGE hanging of them.  I know each morning when I head downstairs it will instantly put a massive smile on my face even if I have woken with a migraine.  How I will hang it there is the scary part.  I'm guessing I have to put a ladder on the steps??  Eeek!!  haha!!
I also have another room of my home where I have 1 large wall where I will have 3 rows of 8x10's.  1 long row of my son & another long row for each daughter.  At any rate I hope that this example above gives you an idea what it might look like if you print too small of an image to put on a large wall.  If you think you want an 8x10, measure it out so you can see...ooh, that may be too small?  You can also click on the image above to see it larger & see the image size numbers better too.  Hope this was another helpful blog.  Have a great weekend!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

My First Mini!

     I'd like to welcome everyone to my 1st mini session!!  Woohoo!!  This particular session was inspired by a picture I do of my oldest daughter on the 1st day of school.  It's a tradition & I thought why not share such a tradition for others?!  Pres-school, elementary, etc...  no matter.  Rain or shine at my home in which I have a beautiful antique school desk & other lil adorable school props.  And of course you know I'm open to whatever props you wish to use to make it personal for yourself.  Message me for more info or to book a slot.  While I am excited about this session...I am not looking forward to Summer ending & I hope everyone has been having a fun filled season!  {{Hugs}}

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Forever & Then Some!

I can't imagine there would be Star Portraits if not for the continual support of my amazing husband. He started my 1st pro Nikon camera gear back in the days of film. For that & all other awesomeness from him over the past years I can only simply say, "Happy 10th Anniversary Hottie Ben! I love you more than I can ever express."  {{xoxoxoxoxoxox}}

Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Booches!

In a few days my baby man turns 2.  2!?!?!  It won't be long before we are officially done with cribs & diapers & for months now even the thought of it has brought me to tears.  I couldn't wait to grow up & be a mommy.  It seemed like growing up took forever, but the whole years of pregnancy & newborns seemed to go by in a blink.  Just another reason why photography is so dear to my heart.  Each shutter snap is like capturing each blinking moment before they fade away.  Anyways...back to my lil man.  I had planned on throwing him a super hero party & remembered we had these personal t-shirts & so it's now a Super Hottie Holt Party!  I already have another cute pic of him for his Thank You cards.  Remember Star Portraits doesn't just do pictures, but invites, thank you's & cards for all occasions!  Well, Happy Happy Birthday to my Gavin Xavier.  I know you know how loved you are since you are constantly being smooched, chewed on or squeezed by your sisters, Daddy or me.  Couldn't have ended our babyhood with a more amazing person.  

Saturday, June 8, 2013

At Last...

At last... ( insert Etta James singing here. )  I finally had the opportunity to do a session for the "M" Family.  They had only been trying to book me for nearly 4 years!  Since their first lil man was a baby!  Their continued attempts to book me each year has always warmed my heart & you can imagine how excited I was today & how extra special this shoot was for me because of that.  The stars & our calendars finally aligned!.  These boys were super sweet & Braedon even walked me to my car after! mom said he was really racing me to my car, but I'll take any twist of chivalry I can get.  Even if we had been racing he would have won easily!  Though I pulled into my driveway with a flat tire ( Boo! ), I am very grateful & honored to do this session for a lovely & fun family.  Thank you!!  Hugs!!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Friendly Friday!

Something new I would like to try once a month is a Friendly Friday Share post.  Did you know?  Approximately 370,000 babies are born everyday world wide!  That's plllenty of clients for all of us to share no matter what venue of business we are in. Head to my Facebook page below, add a link to your personal, small, local business & lets support each other!  Have a great weekend!  

Friday, May 24, 2013

Family Portraits Of My Own

Image by Sherry Solara Photography

We haven't had family portraits of our own since my Lucy was 9 months old.  With our newest member nearing 2 years old & having moved into our forever home, we felt it was definitely a good time.  We went with a photographer who inspired me to become a photographer probably about 11 years ago.  One of the 1st lil bugs in my head to put my life in that direction.  As you can see from this image & more you can view from her Facebook page, Sherry gave us many beautiful captures.  I take pics of my kids all the time.  Every day nearly!  But...It is much different being in front of the camera.  I gained a whole new respect for my mama stars!  OMGoodness!  I knew it was a lot of work for my client moms.  Actually, planning everyone's outfit was fun for me.  The boys were simple enough.  I had bought Gavin a really cute fedora from Sunshine Couture that he loved & wore & posed with all day...except for pictures.  For myself I got to buy a cute dress, some jewelry & get a hair cut just for the occasion, and I found the L's adorable antique looking dresses to go along with our 1800's home.  And...everything was on sale so even better!  But...that morning my tummy was flipping.  I am a terrible, terrible blinker.  I have had photographers in the past & even my husband get upset with me for blinking in every shot.  My eyes are just super light sensitive.  And then my baby man has not been willing to do group shots since he was 9 months old.  We don't even have a candid shot of our full family with him even as an infant so these portraits really needed to be done.  To my surprise there were no blinky shots of me & Gavin cooperated for every section except one where he wasn't being bad, but just his silly self & we just couldn't get the shot.  My family loves our new portraits & can't wait to hang them.  It was a fun time & we love Sherry & her work.  But all in all, I prefer being behind the camera. Thank you Sherry!  Love, the Holt family

Friday, May 17, 2013

Photog To Photog Testimonial #3

Image by Johnna LaFaith
Today's shout out is to a photog friend of mine who has always been a mystery.  She disappears for periods of time & then reappears & while always full of kindness & sunshine I am always bummed when she has decided to hide behind the clouds again.  Never the less, she was one of my very first photographer friends.  Bonding over not just photography, but motherhood & the wonder of life itself.  Her work is soft & captures every tiny detail of beauty.  She doesn't miss any of it & while one image may have focus on an adorable face, or a tiny lady bug...there are other softer details framed around the focus.  A complete package of picture perfection.  I don't know where Miss Johnna has gone off to now, but I hope & look forward to her next appearance.  I thank her for her past testimonial & hope life is treating her well.  Since her Facebook page is not active at the moment I attached a link to her beautiful blog.  Have a wonderful weekend!

"There is nothing as sweet as the world seen through a mother's eyes... and a photo seen through those eyes is something that will be treasured and cherished forever...
Dawn is one of those women who radiates a light... a light that you can see right through the computer screen. Her talent is made even better by that light and love she carries. Her work shows her dedication to putting her best work out there and her continued desire to improve daily... she inspires me to become better at photography and experiment with more mediums in photography. A great Friend and Great Photographer!!"  ~ Johnna

Friday, May 10, 2013

Your Home Your Gallery

Of course I love photography.  I love capturing moments in time that people keep dear to their hearts.  Something that always takes my breath away & nearly brings tears to my eyes is when I return to a clients home for another session & see my work on their walls.  I don't know why it always surprises me.  I guess that is ultimately why I take the pictures so they can be displayed!  haha!!  Though I must also admit.  I am probably the worst when it comes to printing my own work.  I am constantly taking pictures of my baby loves & adding them to my online galleries.  And my L's will sometimes remind me, "Why aren't there more pictures of me on the wall?"  I never realized it was important to them too!  I guess to them they know I am constantly annoying them with my shutter clicks, but they are not on Facebook to see their pics.  And...Heaven forbid I have 3 pics up of Lily & 2 pics up of Lucy.  Lucy will call me on it & say, "Why does Lily have more pics?!"  Very valid points from them & I've recently tried to be better about building a new shrine to my baby loves in our new home.  But...I am a terrible picture hanger!!  And these 100+ year old walls I'm terrified of hurting.  I've recently been using the 3M products!  If I didn't hang it right the 1st time I have so far been successful in carefully taking them back down without hurting the wall & rehanging.  You just need to be sure to have plenty of the sticky refills.  Honestly, I give myself 2 tries.  If I don't get it right be the 2nd time I just say, "Close enough!!"  haha!!  I have also found countless gallery display ideas on Pinterest & listed a couple examples of such.  I could probably make a whole board of just gallery ideas.  So my helpful points for today:
1)  Print those pics!  It means a lot to your kids.  Displaying their lil faces reminds them that you care to adorn your walls with their precious lil faces.  I can do such for you, though it takes longer to outsource, but they are quality prints!  Support Local!  Mentor has Van's Photo & Dodd's Camera.  Please tell them I referred you!!  :)  And of course there is always Walgreens, Wal-mart,etc... if you are impatient like me!
2)  3M Products are a great way to hang if you are nervous of hurting your walls or don't hang them right the 1st me!
3)  Search Pinterest for tons of gallery ideas
Lastly & most importantly...Happy Happy Mothers Day to all my star mama's.  I know it's always you chica's who are the ones that get everyone ready for pictures, from picking their outfits, dressing them, finding prop ideas that are special & unique to your family & you keep corral you little ones to stay in front of my camera.  All your hard work is appreciated & not taken for granted by your family...& also by your photographer.  {{BIG Hugs & LOTS of love}}      ~ Dawn*

Monday, May 6, 2013

Always Sunshine!

  Hooray!  We finalllly got an outdoor shoot for Miss C!  It only took 18 months!  And even on the cold & rainy day sessions I don't know why whenever I work on her pics all I can think of is happy sunshine!  She had a blast running around & being her cute self as you can clearly see.  I must say I had lots of fun as always too.  : )

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Photog To Photog Testimonial #2

Well, I have come to the realization that when you are a stay at home mommy & your husband works 6 days a week; Friday & Saturday just kind of blend together...& your weekly blog post is a day late.  But better than never!

This weeks photog to photog testimonial came from Makenzie Lee of B&C Photography.  She is a friend whom I've never met, but I feel like as with my dearest friend from Hungary that we have had known each other for years & shared experiences of shopping or going to lunch, etc...even though we never have.  I guess that's just how connected my heart feels to them & I am very grateful.  She has always been a wonderful friend & an amazing mentor.  You may have seen a couple years ago or so on my newsfeed that her families big move from Colorado to England was featured on House Hunters International, but this June B&C Photography will be back in the US - Indiana!!  Her work is stunning.  Not only are the subjects captured perfectly, but always with her style of artistic fun to give it that extra cool edge.  I had a hard time choosing an image for this blog.  Between her fantastic eye for people & places, she also has had her amazing food photography featured in magazines!  So any of my Indiana Facebook friends need a photographer this summer please check out her link & give her a call.  Thank you Makenzie for being such a wonderful photog friend!

"I love Dawn! She is just a terrific person and in so encouraging. Her love of photography inspires me. Dawn has been super supportive in my own work. To sum it up, she is one terrific lady and friend! :)"  ~  Makenzie Lee / B&C Photography

Friday, April 26, 2013

Sunshine Couture Shout Out

 Bottom corner is my baby man modeling a Sunshine Couture Fine Fedora in the Don style.  I have been shopping Sunshine Couture for years back when I first met her at a home show at the old Euclid Mall back in 2009?  I have a tutu, numerous headbands, knit hats & hair clips & was thrilled when I found out I was pregnant with a boy that she had started carrying items for them too!  Today she is having an All About Boys sale & I've already started my shopping.  I don't get to do earrings & hair accessories for Gavin so instead I have grown him a hat & tie collection.  Nicole at Sunshine Couture is one of my all time fave vendors for photography as well as for many other photogs & mommies too.  Thank you Nicole for your great service & products.  I love shopping with you.  Please stop by her Facebook page & website.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Better Sooner Than Later

Yes!  It is truly amazing how quickly they grow.  Those lil hands, tiny fingers, toes & squishy lips are never as little as when they are first born.  You will want to have newborn portraits taken as soon as possible & before they are 12 days old.  Always best to book early than to unfortunately be too late.  I hope this was another helpful blog entry.  Have a wonderful weekend!!  {{Hugs!!}}

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Photog To Photog Testimonial

Well, last week I missed my blog because I was enjoying some great family time in North Carolina.  This week I missed my Friday blog because...I forgot!  Oops!!  Some of my wonderful photog friends had written some lovely testimonials which I thought were too special not to share & I also wanted to give them a shout out too.  Without the support & insight of my photographer friends I would not be the photographer I am today.  Thank you!!!  This weeks testimonial & shout out goes to Sherry Solara of Sherry Solara Photography in Mentor.  You can also check out her website & beautiful work here!   She is the mom of a long time friend of mine & one of the very first photographers who inspired me to want to become a photographer too.  She is also an amazing & wonderful person...& so is her son & daughter-n-law!  Thank you Sherry!  xoxoxo

"Dawn has been a dear friend, and I am inspired by her work. There is sweetness and emotion in her photos. I am always moved when browsing through her work, as you will see there is much love in her photographs. Dawn has a beautiful energy about her, and is no wonder her work has the same."

Photo by Sherry Solara

Friday, March 29, 2013

My Favorite Flower

Today's blog is just to wish my 1st baby a very happy & special 7th birthday tomorrow.  God blessed me with such an amazing girl.  She's like a lil old soul sometimes & is so insightful & always beautiful inside & out which also makes for a fantastic in house model.  It has been soo amazing watching my favorite flower grow & grow.  Happy Birthday Lily Lucinta.  I love you soo soo much!  xoxoxo

Friday, March 22, 2013

Written In the Stars

  Did you know that Star Portraits also creates custom cards & invites?!  I do!  Any event or occasion accustomed to your theme.  Invites to all parties, matching thank you cards, holiday cards, save the date cards, announcements & any size you need.  4x6, 5x7, etc...  View the Written In the Stars gallery on my website for many examples & then feel free to contact me for pricing.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Editorial Blog Spot #5

 This one comes from a male perspective & from one of my most unique & special family sessions.  Might want to grab a kleenex for this one.  Thank you Jeff!!  {{Hugs}}

There is a saying that we all know, "A picture is worth a thousand words." & it can't be truer than when I look at pictures of my 2 precious dogs that are now in Heaven.  In 2005, my wife Christine & I rescued two sisters, both Jack Russell Terriers, from being euthenized at a local animal shelter.  They were said to be about 7-9 years old when we brought them home.  The story could go on about who actually rescued who, but I'll keep it brief.   In mid-2011 both girls had major health issues & we knew we were facing the inevitable.  I called Dawn at Star Portraits who we've known personally for many years & explained the situation.  Dawn knew our girls & was very happy to help.  Normally when you go to any type of photos you need to dress up & go sit in a waiting room...not with Dawn.  She made accomodations to meet us at an off site location so we could capture some lifelong memories.  Even though the girls had 16 year old bodies, they had the spirits of puppies & I can still see them walking around with Dawn's children as we got ready for the next shots.  Within a couple weeks of the girls big photo shoot ( they thought they were runway divas from that point on ) our package arrived!  The photos were & still are awesome!!  Our Christmas card photo of Sammy & Toby still hangs on several of our friends refrigerators because it was so darn cute!  I can't thank you enough Dawn & I know my girls had a great time!       ~ Jeff & Christine Studniarz

Friday, March 8, 2013

Mr. Buckeye


Meet Mr. Buckeye who's going to be 4.  I had such a fun morning with him.  He was so full of energy, so handsome & has an amazing smile.  This capture doesn't do it any justice, but I loved this image because it seemed kind of mini Sports Illustrated.  Mr. B is a big Ohio State fan & all around great boy.  He's another lil guy I've known since he was a baby & can never say enough how amazing it is to watch these lil people grow & grow.  Thank you for such a fun start to the weekend!!!  Love me some lil men!  ;)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Swim For Diabetes

I am SO done with Winter!!!  I'm ready for warm sunshine &...swimming!  Speaking of which today's blog is about supporting a good cause like Swim For Diabetes.  It is something that my daddy had dealt with & my sister has signed up to participate in this event.  Please follow the link below to help donate & show support.  Thank you!

OH!  Also, as of this week I am once again booked for the year!  Still shaking my head in thankful disbelief!  BUT...that doesn't mean you can't get in for a session.  Please message me to be added to the cancellation list & let me know what month you were hoping for.  Thank you always for your amazing support!!!  xoxoxo

Friday, February 22, 2013

Editorial Blog Spot #4

I am thankful & I love that many of these testimonials were from a variety of session types.  xoxo

Dawn at Star Portraits is amazing.  I had a photo shoot with her for my yoga studio business and website, and she not only spent the day with me making sure each pose and picture was perfect, but she did it with a smile and a sense of fun and excitement, that you rarely get from the other photographers.  She loves what she does and it shows in her attitude and personality.  She made me completely comfortable, and really made me feel beautiful, so I was uninhibited when posing for her.  All of my pictures came out great, and I got so much for what I spent.  I will absolutely use Star Portraits' services again!  ~ Lisa Fleming / One Tree Yoga & Awaken Yoga Studio