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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Photog To Photog Testimonial #2

Well, I have come to the realization that when you are a stay at home mommy & your husband works 6 days a week; Friday & Saturday just kind of blend together...& your weekly blog post is a day late.  But better than never!

This weeks photog to photog testimonial came from Makenzie Lee of B&C Photography.  She is a friend whom I've never met, but I feel like as with my dearest friend from Hungary that we have had known each other for years & shared experiences of shopping or going to lunch, etc...even though we never have.  I guess that's just how connected my heart feels to them & I am very grateful.  She has always been a wonderful friend & an amazing mentor.  You may have seen a couple years ago or so on my newsfeed that her families big move from Colorado to England was featured on House Hunters International, but this June B&C Photography will be back in the US - Indiana!!  Her work is stunning.  Not only are the subjects captured perfectly, but always with her style of artistic fun to give it that extra cool edge.  I had a hard time choosing an image for this blog.  Between her fantastic eye for people & places, she also has had her amazing food photography featured in magazines!  So any of my Indiana Facebook friends need a photographer this summer please check out her link & give her a call.  Thank you Makenzie for being such a wonderful photog friend!

"I love Dawn! She is just a terrific person and in so encouraging. Her love of photography inspires me. Dawn has been super supportive in my own work. To sum it up, she is one terrific lady and friend! :)"  ~  Makenzie Lee / B&C Photography