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Friday, January 31, 2014

Cherish Every Moment

Lucy Carolena at 2 years old.  It wasn't till I opened this image up on my computer for the very 1st time that she suddenly didn't look like a baby anymore, but the whole time while I was taking the pics I didn't notice it.  That's what's so cool about photography.  It gives you the chance to step back out of your busy life & just take all the beautiful moments in.  <3 p="">

Friday, January 17, 2014

Shopping Splurge

Just a fun incentive for yourselves today.  Perhaps it's payday & it's burning a lil hole in your pocket?  If you might be willing to splurge on a handbag for yourself, perhaps you might also want to splurge on some prints.  It's something not just for you, but for anyone who comes into your home to enjoy.  Always a great conversation piece & a constant happy & positive vibe of love.  Have a wonderful weekend!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Filling 2014's always bitter sweet to get back into the usual routine.  I was crazy thrilled with the 3 snow days that extended Christmas break.  But back to reality & our family schedules.  Please keep in mind, that my baby loves schedules come before all else & our calendar time is precious.  We all know how quickly are children grow up on us.  Please be sure to book your sessions while openings are still available.  I was putting bookings in my new planner well before 2013 ended.  I look forward to your sessions not just to capture memories for you, but because your session is also my "me" time &  time to do what I love & I look forward to them oh so much!  Many blessings of good health & happiness for 2014.