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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Another Q&A...

What is your style of photography? - I am passionate about capturing what is most special to my heart. My husband & children are my every breath. I try to capture images for my clients that are true to the moment. No matter the age, the temperament, the personality, etc... For example: some moms get stressed because their baby refuses to sit for a session without a paci. That is what they enjoy at the age. Let's capture it. Or their child will just not sit still & wants to run about. That is who they are today. Let's capture that before they grow again tomorrow. My work has been described as ethereal & emotional. You are investing in your families history. Images from your session are more than memories. They are your life story. heart emoticon

Friday, November 20, 2015

This Is How I Roll

What do you love most about running your own business? For me, my family comes 1st. My children & husband are my #1 priority. I love that I can work from home & create my own schedule. If you might be interested in hiring me please understand that I only book 1 - 2 sessions per month. I had usually been booked full for the year by February. I can say with much thankfullness that I am already almost fully booked for 2016. Sometimes my children who are pretty well behaved come with me on jobs. We are a package deal. They either sit quietly off to the side & play with a toy I brought them or they are wonderful at being put to work too. When I keep my family a priorty it then allows for myself to be fully dedicated to each session I have booked. I enjoy photography so much that each session is a time I look forward to. It is my ME time & I enjoy it most when I have not over booked myself & then feel stretched or fearing that I am not taking time to properly care for my family. That is also why at this time I have taken a step back from doing weddings. Because my family is my world - capturing your family & your loved ones takes a special place in my heart as well. heart emoticon

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Q&A #2

How long has Star Portraits been in business? I have been in business since January 2009. Though I had been doing photographs for friends families, weddings & the band Second Shade & my oldest daughter for about 6 years prior to that. I am primarily self taught - though I did take a digi course at Lakeland CC with the talented photographer, David Schwartz, a couple photo shop classes at Van's & continuously educate myself online with webinars & tutorials. Not to mention the constant practice of my craft. I have come a long way since 2009 & prior, but I am thankful that in photography their is no plateau & you are forever able to grow your skills & become better than you were yesterday. It's an element I try to carry over for life in general.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Refresh! ~ Under Construction

With getting ready to freshen up Star Portraits I thought I would also give everyone some fun Q & A's on myself here & there till all my new info is ready. Here we go! A little interview from me, about me, to you. wink emoticon 
What was your journey to become a photographer? 
Like most everyone I always had a love of it. I received my 1st camera - A Kodak Disc camera for Christmas from a family member when I was 10 years old. Years later I had so much fun taking pictures while my husbands ( then boyfriend ) band performed live; that for our 1st Christmas he got me my 1st pro camera gear. A Nikon N65, with lens, flash & filters. And that was still back in the days of film. Not long after that a friend asked me to take pictures of her baby. A neighbor asked me to be the photographer for her sons wedding. Still...the bell in my brain never went off. Lol! It wasn't till after my 1st child was born that I used a work bonus to buy my 1st pro digi which at the time was a Nikon D50. It's still my fave. I love the weight of it. The way it fits perfectly in my hands. My Lily's last portraits by other photogs was when she was a year old. After that I did them & still never gave a thought about being a photographer till her 18m pics when Walgreens wouldn't let me pick up my prints because they needed a photo release from the I was SO happy. That Summer I also won 1st place in the People category at the Concord Community Days Photography Contest. But it wasn't something I could pursue till baby #2& I was forced to stay home to raise our children. In 2009 my hobby received a name, a slogan & a tax id by the state of Ohio. I'm Dawn Holt. The owner & photographer of Star Portraits. It's your turn to shine!