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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Forever & Then Some!

I can't imagine there would be Star Portraits if not for the continual support of my amazing husband. He started my 1st pro Nikon camera gear back in the days of film. For that & all other awesomeness from him over the past years I can only simply say, "Happy 10th Anniversary Hottie Ben! I love you more than I can ever express."  {{xoxoxoxoxoxox}}

Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Booches!

In a few days my baby man turns 2.  2!?!?!  It won't be long before we are officially done with cribs & diapers & for months now even the thought of it has brought me to tears.  I couldn't wait to grow up & be a mommy.  It seemed like growing up took forever, but the whole years of pregnancy & newborns seemed to go by in a blink.  Just another reason why photography is so dear to my heart.  Each shutter snap is like capturing each blinking moment before they fade away.  Anyways...back to my lil man.  I had planned on throwing him a super hero party & remembered we had these personal t-shirts & so it's now a Super Hottie Holt Party!  I already have another cute pic of him for his Thank You cards.  Remember Star Portraits doesn't just do pictures, but invites, thank you's & cards for all occasions!  Well, Happy Happy Birthday to my Gavin Xavier.  I know you know how loved you are since you are constantly being smooched, chewed on or squeezed by your sisters, Daddy or me.  Couldn't have ended our babyhood with a more amazing person.  

Saturday, June 8, 2013

At Last...

At last... ( insert Etta James singing here. )  I finally had the opportunity to do a session for the "M" Family.  They had only been trying to book me for nearly 4 years!  Since their first lil man was a baby!  Their continued attempts to book me each year has always warmed my heart & you can imagine how excited I was today & how extra special this shoot was for me because of that.  The stars & our calendars finally aligned!.  These boys were super sweet & Braedon even walked me to my car after! mom said he was really racing me to my car, but I'll take any twist of chivalry I can get.  Even if we had been racing he would have won easily!  Though I pulled into my driveway with a flat tire ( Boo! ), I am very grateful & honored to do this session for a lovely & fun family.  Thank you!!  Hugs!!