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Friday, August 30, 2013

What NOT To Wear

We just had our own family portraits done this Spring & I have to say the most fun for me was shopping for what we all would wear.  I hope it's obvious from above that doing "matchy matchy" is not the best way to go.  Unless you are going for - we are a super silly & fun family!  If that's the case, rock it!  It's easier to go for similar colors that compliment each other or have the same vibe.  For example, we live in a century home & for the L's I found these darling antique beige, lace dresses, a beige dress with an asymmetrical ruffle & my boys were in different styles of a white button down & beige shorts.  I've had a family use a main color of red, but each person had a different style of outfit.  One had a dress, others had jeans, one had a button down, others had polos.  And most importantly make sure it is something that each family member likes & will be comfortable while wearing.  When you are comfy it is reflected in your photos.  I can remember hating swim lessons as a kid simply because I thought my swimsuit was ugly.  Ugh!!  I can still see it.  Navy blue with a red belt that had a single, navy blue button right in the middle.  Eeeek!  I hope the pictured examples help.  You can always click on them to see them larger.  Have a fun & safe Labor Day weekend!  {{Hugs!!}}
Photo by Sherry Solara Photography!

Monday, August 19, 2013

First Mini Session Fun!

I had sooo much FUN at my 1st mini session & couldn't have asked for better lovies to be involved.  We had some cute vintage props & our barn made for a lovely, little, red school house vibe!  This session also reconnected me with a couple former classmates of my own & no doubt their children inherited their lovely hearts.  I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.  Keep posted for details of my next mini session coming up this Autumn!!  {{Hugs!}
PS:  click on image to see it larger.  ;)

Friday, August 16, 2013

What the Crop?

 Did you ever realize that the size you choose to print can slightly alter the image?  This is normal & I've posted a guide image from a photog pal so you can see what I mean.  Just click on the picture to see it larger.  Most online print companies have a Preview button so you can see how your image will look cropped in that size.  I hope this was another helpful lil tid bit.  Have a wonderful weekend!!  {{Hugs!}}

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Happy Hearts

I had a great day & session with a lovely friend I haven't seen since graduation.  I got to meet her amazing lil man & it was amazing how it felt like we just had 3-4 Lunch a week ago.  The old yearbooks got pulled out & we reminisced & laughed.  We also had a fun time taking pics of Mr. B.  Those gorgeous blue eyes & that amazing smile can't help, but make your heart happy.  The mosquitoes liked him & all of us very much as well.  I don't recall ever such a bad year of them, but he smiled thru outfit changes & had lots of energy & all that fun carried into him later playing with my kids like they have always known each other too.  Thank you for the honor of doing your portraits & for picking up like we never left off.  {{Hugs}}

Friday, August 9, 2013

Walmart - Get On the Shelf

I am always willing to support local, especially for family & friends.  A couple of great family friends of ours came up with an amazing product that this gal with ocd would love!  It's also affordable which makes it all the better.  Please go to the link below & check out their video & give them a vote so we can all enjoy.  Lets always support each other & have a wonderful weekend!!  Good luck Jeff & Christine!!