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Friday, August 30, 2013

What NOT To Wear

We just had our own family portraits done this Spring & I have to say the most fun for me was shopping for what we all would wear.  I hope it's obvious from above that doing "matchy matchy" is not the best way to go.  Unless you are going for - we are a super silly & fun family!  If that's the case, rock it!  It's easier to go for similar colors that compliment each other or have the same vibe.  For example, we live in a century home & for the L's I found these darling antique beige, lace dresses, a beige dress with an asymmetrical ruffle & my boys were in different styles of a white button down & beige shorts.  I've had a family use a main color of red, but each person had a different style of outfit.  One had a dress, others had jeans, one had a button down, others had polos.  And most importantly make sure it is something that each family member likes & will be comfortable while wearing.  When you are comfy it is reflected in your photos.  I can remember hating swim lessons as a kid simply because I thought my swimsuit was ugly.  Ugh!!  I can still see it.  Navy blue with a red belt that had a single, navy blue button right in the middle.  Eeeek!  I hope the pictured examples help.  You can always click on them to see them larger.  Have a fun & safe Labor Day weekend!  {{Hugs!!}}
Photo by Sherry Solara Photography!