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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Let Your Dreams Blossom

How do I even begin to write such a special blog post?????  When I met this adorable little girl she was my boyfriends niece.  Soon after she was my fiance's niece,  9 months after that she was the Flower Girl in our wedding & she became my niece too.  Oh good comes the tears!! LOL!  She was a nibblicious girl who I always thought looked like a real live Precious Moments doll with her big eyes & squishy cheeks.  Always the best of manners even when I met her back at the age of 2.  I have no memories of her going thru the terribles or sassies.  Just beautiful, just smiles. A few years after her Uncle Ben & I got married she became my childrens cousin & she has loved them & played with them.  My lovies absolutely adore her & are always excited to see her & be with her.  She's gotten taller over the years.  Of course everyone is taller than me!  But I think I refused to really notice that she wasn't just getting taller.  Miss A was growing up.  I have a plethora of beautiful shots of her from yesterday.  It was a sweltering day & she rocked outfit changes, heels & lots of walking.  I chose this image because this section of photographing was when it really hit me that these are her senior pics & I started to get choked up.  I spent 20 minutes melting up in my barn loft looking for the 1st pic I ever took of her, but couldn't find it.  I think God wanted to pick this one because she was my flower girl & here she is still beautiful inside & out with flowers again.  The only think keeping me from being a hot mess of tears typing this is my excitement for her future because I know it will continue being beautiful & full of love just like her.  Love you Miss A!  xoxoxoxo

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The W Lovies

I was honored last year to do 1 year portraits for the beautiful Miss S.  I was extra honored to do portraits again for her & all her very handsome brothers.  It was a treat to see the dynamic of these siblings.  Miss S may be the tiniest, but she is tough & is the boss.  Which seems to work out because she has all of these lil men wrapped around her fingers.  They not only absolutely adore her, but for brothers - they needed no cue from me to wrap their arms around each other for a shot.  I have lots of gorgeous images of them from this session & it's always hard to pick 1 sneak peek.  I picked one that showed how beautiful they are inside & out.  Look at how close they are standing next to each other & their heads together.  Just melts my heart & my lens.  They have some very blessed parents.  Thank you W Family for a super fun morning!