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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The W Lovies

I was honored last year to do 1 year portraits for the beautiful Miss S.  I was extra honored to do portraits again for her & all her very handsome brothers.  It was a treat to see the dynamic of these siblings.  Miss S may be the tiniest, but she is tough & is the boss.  Which seems to work out because she has all of these lil men wrapped around her fingers.  They not only absolutely adore her, but for brothers - they needed no cue from me to wrap their arms around each other for a shot.  I have lots of gorgeous images of them from this session & it's always hard to pick 1 sneak peek.  I picked one that showed how beautiful they are inside & out.  Look at how close they are standing next to each other & their heads together.  Just melts my heart & my lens.  They have some very blessed parents.  Thank you W Family for a super fun morning!