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Friday, March 29, 2013

My Favorite Flower

Today's blog is just to wish my 1st baby a very happy & special 7th birthday tomorrow.  God blessed me with such an amazing girl.  She's like a lil old soul sometimes & is so insightful & always beautiful inside & out which also makes for a fantastic in house model.  It has been soo amazing watching my favorite flower grow & grow.  Happy Birthday Lily Lucinta.  I love you soo soo much!  xoxoxo

Friday, March 22, 2013

Written In the Stars

  Did you know that Star Portraits also creates custom cards & invites?!  I do!  Any event or occasion accustomed to your theme.  Invites to all parties, matching thank you cards, holiday cards, save the date cards, announcements & any size you need.  4x6, 5x7, etc...  View the Written In the Stars gallery on my website for many examples & then feel free to contact me for pricing.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Editorial Blog Spot #5

 This one comes from a male perspective & from one of my most unique & special family sessions.  Might want to grab a kleenex for this one.  Thank you Jeff!!  {{Hugs}}

There is a saying that we all know, "A picture is worth a thousand words." & it can't be truer than when I look at pictures of my 2 precious dogs that are now in Heaven.  In 2005, my wife Christine & I rescued two sisters, both Jack Russell Terriers, from being euthenized at a local animal shelter.  They were said to be about 7-9 years old when we brought them home.  The story could go on about who actually rescued who, but I'll keep it brief.   In mid-2011 both girls had major health issues & we knew we were facing the inevitable.  I called Dawn at Star Portraits who we've known personally for many years & explained the situation.  Dawn knew our girls & was very happy to help.  Normally when you go to any type of photos you need to dress up & go sit in a waiting room...not with Dawn.  She made accomodations to meet us at an off site location so we could capture some lifelong memories.  Even though the girls had 16 year old bodies, they had the spirits of puppies & I can still see them walking around with Dawn's children as we got ready for the next shots.  Within a couple weeks of the girls big photo shoot ( they thought they were runway divas from that point on ) our package arrived!  The photos were & still are awesome!!  Our Christmas card photo of Sammy & Toby still hangs on several of our friends refrigerators because it was so darn cute!  I can't thank you enough Dawn & I know my girls had a great time!       ~ Jeff & Christine Studniarz

Friday, March 8, 2013

Mr. Buckeye


Meet Mr. Buckeye who's going to be 4.  I had such a fun morning with him.  He was so full of energy, so handsome & has an amazing smile.  This capture doesn't do it any justice, but I loved this image because it seemed kind of mini Sports Illustrated.  Mr. B is a big Ohio State fan & all around great boy.  He's another lil guy I've known since he was a baby & can never say enough how amazing it is to watch these lil people grow & grow.  Thank you for such a fun start to the weekend!!!  Love me some lil men!  ;)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Swim For Diabetes

I am SO done with Winter!!!  I'm ready for warm sunshine &...swimming!  Speaking of which today's blog is about supporting a good cause like Swim For Diabetes.  It is something that my daddy had dealt with & my sister has signed up to participate in this event.  Please follow the link below to help donate & show support.  Thank you!

OH!  Also, as of this week I am once again booked for the year!  Still shaking my head in thankful disbelief!  BUT...that doesn't mean you can't get in for a session.  Please message me to be added to the cancellation list & let me know what month you were hoping for.  Thank you always for your amazing support!!!  xoxoxo