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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Snow White Saturday

Aside from my terrible allergies...I had the most magical session yesterday.  Miss O is having a Snow White party for her 2nd birthday & her Nana even made her this beautiful dress.  We just let her frolic & explore my back property & she was just a fun, live doll the whole time.  I loved this capture because it caught both detailed sides of her grandmothers handy work with the mirror & it just oozes princess couture.  The color image to me is simply dreamy & then I did the b&w conversion which made me gasp because it suddenly became a different sort of enchanting.  The photographing & now editing of this job only makes my heart want to whistle while I work.  Yes, I'm throwing in the corny movie lines!  I can't help myself.  This lil doll was just too sweet.  Thank you Miss O for spending your Saturday morning with us & may all your birthday wishes come true!!