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Friday, October 25, 2013

Mother Nature's Fall Fail

I was crazy bummed that the day I finallly booked my 1st fall mini session was cold & damp.  It had rained on & off the days prior & the day before was purely miserable.  The sun shined bright the day of the session, but having wanted everyone to go ahead & not completely lose out on the last day of the weekend we went ahead & cancelled the eve before.  I have scoped the leaves for their prime 2 years in a row which are that week of October & the past 2 years it was a glorious 80 degrees.  Anyone who is still interested in this session for next year please mark your calendar for Sunday, October 19th.  Fingers, toes & eyeballs crossed for the glorious sunshine & 80 degrees again.  In the meantime I had at least captured some fall pics of my baby loves one day after school earlier that week when it was still warm.  Hope we can capture your baby loves like this last year.  Crazy to believe 4 days after our scheduled & cancelled mini session Lake County has already seen their first snow.  Boo!  Stay warm & have a wonderful weekend!!  {{Hugs}}

Friday, October 18, 2013

Frugal Friday Fun!

Louis Tortuga's 1st Fall

Just wanted to fill everyone in on a great deal I got via email today.  (3) 5x7 canvas prints for $18 OR..  a 16x20 for $35 + FREE shipping!  I have never used this company so I don't know of the quality, but if you have been itching to get prints done, but haven't do to pricing this might be a good try.  Check out the deal at the link below & have a wonderful weekend!!  {{Hugs!}}

Friday, October 11, 2013

Under Construction


Just over a year ago we moved to our dream home.  And like you hear on those TV shows on those home networks you rarely get all your wish list boxes checked off.  We got a Victorian, we got land, we did not get a full basement or full attic & while the land gave me 1.6 acres of lush & enchanted outdoor studio, I did not get my indoor studio.  One that I could leave set up at all times.  My husband also lost out on his music studio.  His keyboard is shoved in the "office" which is really just a pass through room into the only full bath which is only located on the 1st level of the house while my photo gear along with much of his music gear is stored in a closet for when needed.  Obviously we fell in love with the charm of this home & could envision the wonderful memories to be made here.  Thanks to Facebook we are in contact with our Sellers & the people who owned the home before them.  This room back in the 1800's was the Summer Kitchen.  The chimney is now gone & the bricks were used to make a path in the front yard.  Decades later it was then converted into a cozy country gathering room & then years after that into the fresh & clean decor.  It's really the only room without much character.  The rest of the home is rich with old wood trim, push light buttons & other timeless details you don't see in homes today.  So last night we went paint & light fixture shopping.  It's going to be a beach themed room & the ceiling light fixture will be replaced with this really cool nautical one.  Kinda looks like something you might have seen on a ship in the 1800's!  That wood stove is coming out as well as the carpet.  Added will be a blue stove on the opposite side of the room along with some cherry wood since that's the main flooring in the rest of the house.  What does this have to do with Star Portraits you may be wondering?  While I have done a couple indoor sessions in this space, having that back wall open will give me much more space & I won't need pretend wood floors!  The 2012 picture is from when we viewed this home.  It's primary purpose is my baby loves play room.  It stinks I have to sometimes share the space with them.  Our dream is to add on to the 2nd floor someday.  Add a full bath up their so you don't have to go allll they way downstairs in the middle of the night to use the restroom & glorious studio.  I know it will happen someday.  Don't know when.  Don't know how, but I look forward to it.  & in the meantime I am grateful for growing & improving this mini studio space for now too.  Keep watch for the After pics.  Hopefully by early November.  Have a wonderful weekend!!  {{HUGS}}