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Monday, November 28, 2011

From Ballet To Babies

This beautiful, tiny newborn has no idea that many many years ago her mommy & I spent years of dance classes & sleepovers together. As we grew into high school I got to know the funny guy that would years later become my friends husband & this tiny girls daddy. Our life roads took different directions after graduation and we lost touch for many years, but what a special little gift from above to help reconnect us. This past week having had a play date with another couple girls we grew up dancing amazes my heart to think how we use to sit & stretch before class & talk about the boys we had crushes on & for some of us we were lucky enough for those crushes to turn into our husbands & now we can sit & talk about our baby loves. I hope our babies will be blessed with such special friendships in life as well.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Camo Cuteness

This is my 1st camo shot & I must say Alex is looking darn cute in his 6 month portrait. You know when you were a lil girl & you play with your dolls & dress them up in different outfits all afternoon. That's the kind of fun this session was. I felt like I was playing with Sandy's baby doll & having SO much fun & taking handsome lil pictures in the process. Thank you Alex for letting your mommy & I torture you. We love you!! : ) {{Hugs}}

Saturday, November 5, 2011

New Star Alert

Congratulations to the lovely P family who have added another beautiful addition to their family with tiny Miss Alexis Cate! And giving Miss Sofia the grand title of Big Sister! I must say I have been spoiled the past couple months with super model babies who never fussed or needed a break the whole session! Even with 3 of my own I've never had such luck! I had yet another fun time & was honored to meet their new baby girl. I'm so happy for you guys! Thank you!! {{{Hugs}}}