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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Picture Perfect!

July can be one of two things weather wise.  Either rainy or sweltering hot.  No one cares to look sweaty & red in the face for their portraits.  This last Sunday in July turned out to be almost chilly by Summer standards.  Honestly, perfect portrait weather!!  Not only was the weather perfect, the sky seemed to have perfectly happy clouds.  We were snapping away & the boys started to get a bit restless when I remembered Mr. J LOVES trains.  Suddenly I got a boost of work back out of them & a few fun pics by the tracks & about to head back when what does Mr. J notice in distance?  A faint choo choo!!  I nearly jumped around like I won the lottery when I got this shot.  The green, sunny setting, the picturesque blue sky, the train depot & the engine with bright light & the boys gave me 2 precious seconds away from looking at the train to look into my lens.  Like God lined up every single moment & told me just went to snap.  Happy hearts definitely make happy pictures.  Thank you "H" Family!!  Love you guys all so very much!  xoxoxoxo

Friday, July 26, 2013

Portrait Size Ideas For Your Gallery

Here is a great visual on what different size prints will look like on a wall.  The phrase, "Go big or go home." fits well here!  Depending on the size of your wall, the layout of your furniture, etc... Are you looking for one massive photo shrine of your loved ones or perhaps a wall of numerous 11x14's?  This can be so fun...& daunting.  I know I have a wall coming down our steps where when I can finally decide on which image of my children I want to put a HUGE hanging of them.  I know each morning when I head downstairs it will instantly put a massive smile on my face even if I have woken with a migraine.  How I will hang it there is the scary part.  I'm guessing I have to put a ladder on the steps??  Eeek!!  haha!!
I also have another room of my home where I have 1 large wall where I will have 3 rows of 8x10's.  1 long row of my son & another long row for each daughter.  At any rate I hope that this example above gives you an idea what it might look like if you print too small of an image to put on a large wall.  If you think you want an 8x10, measure it out so you can see...ooh, that may be too small?  You can also click on the image above to see it larger & see the image size numbers better too.  Hope this was another helpful blog.  Have a great weekend!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

My First Mini!

     I'd like to welcome everyone to my 1st mini session!!  Woohoo!!  This particular session was inspired by a picture I do of my oldest daughter on the 1st day of school.  It's a tradition & I thought why not share such a tradition for others?!  Pres-school, elementary, etc...  no matter.  Rain or shine at my home in which I have a beautiful antique school desk & other lil adorable school props.  And of course you know I'm open to whatever props you wish to use to make it personal for yourself.  Message me for more info or to book a slot.  While I am excited about this session...I am not looking forward to Summer ending & I hope everyone has been having a fun filled season!  {{Hugs}}