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Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Booches!

In a few days my baby man turns 2.  2!?!?!  It won't be long before we are officially done with cribs & diapers & for months now even the thought of it has brought me to tears.  I couldn't wait to grow up & be a mommy.  It seemed like growing up took forever, but the whole years of pregnancy & newborns seemed to go by in a blink.  Just another reason why photography is so dear to my heart.  Each shutter snap is like capturing each blinking moment before they fade away.  Anyways...back to my lil man.  I had planned on throwing him a super hero party & remembered we had these personal t-shirts & so it's now a Super Hottie Holt Party!  I already have another cute pic of him for his Thank You cards.  Remember Star Portraits doesn't just do pictures, but invites, thank you's & cards for all occasions!  Well, Happy Happy Birthday to my Gavin Xavier.  I know you know how loved you are since you are constantly being smooched, chewed on or squeezed by your sisters, Daddy or me.  Couldn't have ended our babyhood with a more amazing person.