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Friday, May 17, 2013

Photog To Photog Testimonial #3

Image by Johnna LaFaith
Today's shout out is to a photog friend of mine who has always been a mystery.  She disappears for periods of time & then reappears & while always full of kindness & sunshine I am always bummed when she has decided to hide behind the clouds again.  Never the less, she was one of my very first photographer friends.  Bonding over not just photography, but motherhood & the wonder of life itself.  Her work is soft & captures every tiny detail of beauty.  She doesn't miss any of it & while one image may have focus on an adorable face, or a tiny lady bug...there are other softer details framed around the focus.  A complete package of picture perfection.  I don't know where Miss Johnna has gone off to now, but I hope & look forward to her next appearance.  I thank her for her past testimonial & hope life is treating her well.  Since her Facebook page is not active at the moment I attached a link to her beautiful blog.  Have a wonderful weekend!

"There is nothing as sweet as the world seen through a mother's eyes... and a photo seen through those eyes is something that will be treasured and cherished forever...
Dawn is one of those women who radiates a light... a light that you can see right through the computer screen. Her talent is made even better by that light and love she carries. Her work shows her dedication to putting her best work out there and her continued desire to improve daily... she inspires me to become better at photography and experiment with more mediums in photography. A great Friend and Great Photographer!!"  ~ Johnna