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Friday, May 24, 2013

Family Portraits Of My Own

Image by Sherry Solara Photography

We haven't had family portraits of our own since my Lucy was 9 months old.  With our newest member nearing 2 years old & having moved into our forever home, we felt it was definitely a good time.  We went with a photographer who inspired me to become a photographer probably about 11 years ago.  One of the 1st lil bugs in my head to put my life in that direction.  As you can see from this image & more you can view from her Facebook page, Sherry gave us many beautiful captures.  I take pics of my kids all the time.  Every day nearly!  But...It is much different being in front of the camera.  I gained a whole new respect for my mama stars!  OMGoodness!  I knew it was a lot of work for my client moms.  Actually, planning everyone's outfit was fun for me.  The boys were simple enough.  I had bought Gavin a really cute fedora from Sunshine Couture that he loved & wore & posed with all day...except for pictures.  For myself I got to buy a cute dress, some jewelry & get a hair cut just for the occasion, and I found the L's adorable antique looking dresses to go along with our 1800's home.  And...everything was on sale so even better!  But...that morning my tummy was flipping.  I am a terrible, terrible blinker.  I have had photographers in the past & even my husband get upset with me for blinking in every shot.  My eyes are just super light sensitive.  And then my baby man has not been willing to do group shots since he was 9 months old.  We don't even have a candid shot of our full family with him even as an infant so these portraits really needed to be done.  To my surprise there were no blinky shots of me & Gavin cooperated for every section except one where he wasn't being bad, but just his silly self & we just couldn't get the shot.  My family loves our new portraits & can't wait to hang them.  It was a fun time & we love Sherry & her work.  But all in all, I prefer being behind the camera. Thank you Sherry!  Love, the Holt family