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Friday, May 10, 2013

Your Home Your Gallery

Of course I love photography.  I love capturing moments in time that people keep dear to their hearts.  Something that always takes my breath away & nearly brings tears to my eyes is when I return to a clients home for another session & see my work on their walls.  I don't know why it always surprises me.  I guess that is ultimately why I take the pictures so they can be displayed!  haha!!  Though I must also admit.  I am probably the worst when it comes to printing my own work.  I am constantly taking pictures of my baby loves & adding them to my online galleries.  And my L's will sometimes remind me, "Why aren't there more pictures of me on the wall?"  I never realized it was important to them too!  I guess to them they know I am constantly annoying them with my shutter clicks, but they are not on Facebook to see their pics.  And...Heaven forbid I have 3 pics up of Lily & 2 pics up of Lucy.  Lucy will call me on it & say, "Why does Lily have more pics?!"  Very valid points from them & I've recently tried to be better about building a new shrine to my baby loves in our new home.  But...I am a terrible picture hanger!!  And these 100+ year old walls I'm terrified of hurting.  I've recently been using the 3M products!  If I didn't hang it right the 1st time I have so far been successful in carefully taking them back down without hurting the wall & rehanging.  You just need to be sure to have plenty of the sticky refills.  Honestly, I give myself 2 tries.  If I don't get it right be the 2nd time I just say, "Close enough!!"  haha!!  I have also found countless gallery display ideas on Pinterest & listed a couple examples of such.  I could probably make a whole board of just gallery ideas.  So my helpful points for today:
1)  Print those pics!  It means a lot to your kids.  Displaying their lil faces reminds them that you care to adorn your walls with their precious lil faces.  I can do such for you, though it takes longer to outsource, but they are quality prints!  Support Local!  Mentor has Van's Photo & Dodd's Camera.  Please tell them I referred you!!  :)  And of course there is always Walgreens, Wal-mart,etc... if you are impatient like me!
2)  3M Products are a great way to hang if you are nervous of hurting your walls or don't hang them right the 1st me!
3)  Search Pinterest for tons of gallery ideas
Lastly & most importantly...Happy Happy Mothers Day to all my star mama's.  I know it's always you chica's who are the ones that get everyone ready for pictures, from picking their outfits, dressing them, finding prop ideas that are special & unique to your family & you keep corral you little ones to stay in front of my camera.  All your hard work is appreciated & not taken for granted by your family...& also by your photographer.  {{BIG Hugs & LOTS of love}}      ~ Dawn*