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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Still Shining!!

It's amazing how swiftly time flies.  Seems like just months ago I was taking Miss C's newborn pics.  She's still a tiny doll, but my goodness!  How smart she is!  At 2 years old she knows all her colors & talks so well.  I went into the session & even prepared her parents that 2 year olds run the photo session & candids are probably all we will achieve.  Of course she went & proved me wrong & was happy with each scene change, hair accessory, etc...  I can only imagine how proud her parents must be of such an amazing, tiny person & as always she brightens my days of work with her tiny self too.  Many, many more birthday blessings to Lil Miss Sunshine!  I know you are going to grow into an amazing young lady too!