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Friday, November 22, 2013

Thankful Part III

To wrap up Star Portraits month of thankfulness I of course must thank my clients!!!  Some of you are friends & family who became clients & many of you are clients who also have become very dear friends.  In my 5+ years of being out to the public I have never paid to advertise or market myself.  I am honored to say that in thanks to all of you I am continuously booked each month & year & it's pointless to advertise when I don't have any extra openings.  I have been thrilled to watch your families multiply & your children grow from infants into remarkable children.  Thank you!  You have also seen me grow in my skills as a photographer.  Thank you for continuing on this journey with me & allowing me to grow & learn with such patience & most importantly LOVE.  I have the most amazing & loving friends/clients!!!  I end this 3 part blog entry wishing my past, current & future clients nothing but joy, love, happiness, good health, good fortune & many many blessings always.  ( I think I've said that many a times in the past & it won't be the last! )  I've always had a passion for photography...but I am filled with true love for my work because of you.  Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You!