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Friday, November 29, 2013

Booking for 2014!!

2012 & 2013 I had been blessed start booking sessions starting in November just a couple months before the year was over & was booked full for both years by February.  It's not that I'm booked every day or week of the month.  I take on only 1 or 2 jobs a month.  I wish I could book more, but you see I am already fully busy with 3 blessings that drive my Star Portraits passion.  My most important title I could ever be blessed with is Mommy*.  I take great pride in feeding, dressing, wiping & loving my 3 baby loves.  I have assumed that once they were all in school I could take on more jobs.  Then my oldest who is in 2nd grade started cheer leading this year.  Cheering for the city, cheering for school football & basketball camps, my middle daughter started pre-school & my oldest also started PSR.  Suddenly Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays, Saturdays & Sunday were eaten up by their activities.  I added chauffeur to my resume this year.  As well as "Cheer Mom"!  Most families also have a dad who works a Monday thru Friday job with 9 to 5 hours who can help out most evenings or weekends.  I often feel like a single mom.  Our daddy works 6 days a week & long hours.  We can't complain as he has given us a beautiful home & the ability for me to stay home & be the sole care giver of our lovies.  And while I hate his schedule I also hate that he often misses out on cheer games, school events, etc...  While the new schedule was hectic it was also amazingly fulfilling.  I can't imagine how busy we will be when everyone is in school & into various activities.  While I was slightly concerned that more hours of my day were taken away I quickly learned this did not interfere with my current work schedule, but definitely did not seem like I was going to be able to take on more work in the future??  I'm not sure really yet?  I am only certain that my babies come first.  Because we don't have a baby sitter they also come to work with me.  The are a package deal & my L's have become very good working assistants now!  When it comes to Star Portraits I make sure that the time I set aside for that passion is solely per job.  I do not like working on multiple jobs at once & spreading myself thin.  I shoot a session, I take the time to give my full editing attention to that session & right down to shipping before I shoot my next session.  I reserve my calendar not just for work, but with ample space to allow for our own family items of not just our weekly schedules, but I leave room for our family birthdays & holidays, ( the shopping of, getting ready for & celebrating ), I include some open times in case of doctor appointments or illnesses, that hopefully nothing ever interferes with a job I am working on.  I give any job all my time and attention.  I sometimes get an impression from people when I tell them sadly that I am booked for that month or for the year that they are mad.  I don't know if they don't care I have a family of my own too?  I don't know what it is?  Perhaps I read into it because I am a people pleaser & am always worried of not making people happy.  I always say I wish I could clone myself.  A me for home & a me for work!  No matter what the schedule holds for Star Portraits in the future my priority will always be my baby loves 1st ~ that includes my husband who is truly my biggest baby.  I hope & I think most people get this because when  they see the work I do for them I devote that time to capturing the essence & importance of your family forever.  Having made all that clear I am humbled to say that once again I have already started booking for 2014.  I don't expect to be booked for the year always again by February.  I just hope for the understanding that while I have a passion in capturing memories with quality for your families, please know that I have my own family that needs me too.  I have hopes to one day to be busier with Star Portraits, but even if that never comes to be it doesn't matter.  That time will happily be spent with my children who are growing all to darn fast.  Book now or don't be mad later if I'm booked up.  Please remember I am a mommy too; with a wonderful husband who works late & 6 days a week.  Most of the home & children duties are all on me.  This also means when I get to focus on Star Portraits that time working on your portraits is my zen time!  My time to get to do something for myself that I truly enjoy.  You can be sure if you were blessed enough to get a session with me that I work on your session fullheartedly.  Thank You!!!  (P.S ~ Fighting one of my infamous migraines today.  I'm feeling better, but I apologize if I jumped all over the place & any run on sentences.  Lol! )  I'm going to zone out the pain with some laundry!  {{Hugs!}}