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Friday, November 8, 2013

The Thankful Month

(Amazing I still have this.  The very 1st picture I ever took with my very 1st camera.  My daddy's family.  Christmas Eve ~ 1986  xoxo)
I got on the thankful train almost 4 years ago.  I try to be grateful for things all day long & at night I try to remember to write down at least 5 things from the day that I am thankful for in my gratitude journal.  But I thought for my blog this month it might be nice to share what things I am thankful for in regards to Star Portraits & my photographic journey.  Today I would like to thank those who put the wheels of being a photographer in motion for me.  
I can't remember which of my Sovich uncles got me my very 1st camera on Christmas Eve back in 1986.  I was 10 years old & I still remember that Kodak Disc camera as being my fave gift that year.  I remember my Daddy being annoyed when I would keep asking him to develop or buy me more film.  
To my sister who had said she had liked my pics best from her wedding.  That sparked my inspiration though at the time that spark was too tiny for me to notice & do further with, but it still meant very much.
To my boyfriend who noticed I had a knack for taking pictures of his band & that I seemed to really enjoy it.  For our 1st Christmas as soon to be husband & wife he bought me first Nikon pro film gear.  Camera, lens, filters, flash, etc...  & being the blonde that I am I stillll didn't start putting the sparks together!
To my friend who asked me to do pictures of her baby girl.  Being a photographer never occurred to me other than that I enjoyed spending that time with them & just the taking of pictures.  That day will forever remind me to "Always Relax & Enjoy It".
To my neighbor who had seen some of my photos & hired me to do her youngest sons wedding.  You inspired me to upgrade to a digital camera.  
To my photography teacher ~ David Schwartz because once I got that digi cam I was too intimidated to use it.  And for your zeal for photography.  It was very catching.  
For my children.  You were finallllly my "Aha!" that turned those many sparks into a fire of photographic passion.  Thank you for being most patient & willing models.  
And once more to the boyfriend who became my husband who let me close out my retirement fund ( I know, that was bad!  Oh well!  Lol!! ) So I could start up Star Portraits LLC!  
Blessings & thankfullness to you all!  xoxoxoxoxo