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Monday, November 9, 2009

Falling For Fall

This was my 3rd opportunity shooting the Rinas family. Soo much of this Summer had been cold & rainy and this beautiful Autumn day was filled with sunshine & about 70 degrees!! I must say I am extremely impressed always with the photo shoot ideas that my mommy clients come up with to make them unique & their own. Karen's crazy awesome idea was roasting marshmallows!! How ingenious is that!? Not only did we capture some cute pics of that as well as leaf pile fun & playtime; it made it really hard to choose a pic for the blog. I went with this simply because it's a shot I've been dreaming of shooting for awhile & I reallly liked the way it turned out. It was soo cute & great to see that Luke & Jillian remembered me & how Jillian has grown into a tiny Gap model like her big brother. These kids are so photogenic you don't even have to tell them to pose. They will strike one for you including cute head tilts. I had SO much fun with them yesterday!!!! Keep watch on the Star Portraits website as they are a Featured family & this session will be added to their page. Thanks soo much to the Rinas family for having me again!!