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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year & Newborns!

A great 1st Monday of 2010! I got a call from a lovely client for pics of her new daughter! New daughter I thought?? I listened to my voice mail again to make sure this is the same chica I worked with twice this past Summer & never knew she was expecting! Elizabeth Delaney K. is the baby sister to her big brother Cooper who's 18 month portraits I did earlier this year. She's a beautiful little doll & I was honored to be her paparazzi for the day! It was also great to see Cooper again & how much he's grown. He's become a lil chatter box & I even got a hug! Still, I will never get over seeing pieces of my heart hanging through peoples homes. It's such an amazing blessing! Thank you baby Elizabeth for being the 1st Star for 2010. {{Hugs!}}