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Friday, February 18, 2011

Gavin Xavier Holt

It's a boy! Terribly bummed that the only photos we were given was of this. : ( Ben said it is the most important shot of course. Lily told the ultrasound dr. she wanted a brother. Soon as he turned on the monitor he said, "It's a boy." We said, "How do you know already??" He said, "It's VERY obvious." To which Lily proudly replied, "I told you it was a boy." The girls are very excited & we got to stop at Target on the way home. If you could only see though! He looks nothing like his sisters, but he is gosh darn cute. : ) A lil hottie rock prince like his daddy. His due date is still an early firework of July 3rd, but I am always induced early. He appears to be healthy & we are feeling incredibly grateful & blessed. xoxoxo