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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Fall"ing In Love

As you can see, I'm back to work! Yay! It's truly wonderful to be excited about & happy to get up & go to work. I started back with a very special session. Kim & Tim were my very 1st E-Session ( Engagement Session ) when I started out. Since then I have captured many more happy times with their family & they recently grew another client, baby Liam. I can't even begin to tell you how amazingly wonderful they are. I've heard the horror story from other photographer friends...of a corrupted memory card! We had a glorious day of weather & amazing shots AND Liam is the first baby that never fussed once the entire session or even need a break. I couldn't wait to go home & start working on them. ....The Halloween Horror story for any photographer that you never want to star in; "The Corrupted Memory Card!!!" Oh how I just stared at my computer in desperation & after many different types of recovery scans & I was just sick, sick, sick & I had to tell Kim & implore her mercy. This is when Kim saved the movie with a happy ending saying, "No worries, it gives us a chance to see you again!" WOW! So the movie ended with me kissing their feet another glorious shoot & Liam ( only 4 months old! ) once again not only being a happy boy the entire time, but also looking at the camera on cue. My kids don't even do that & they live with a camera in front of their face most days! Thank you Thank you Thank you Kim, Tim & Liam for being SO understanding & fabulous as always. You were a truly special & wonderful way to start my being back to work after maternity leave. I am very blessed to know you! {{ BIG Hugs!!}}