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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The "S" Family Shines

This was one of the biggest family session I've done in a long time.  Actually, it was a magnificent honor.  The gorgeous matriarch of this family wanted these done & every one of her amazing grandchildren and grandpuppy shined for her.  All 20 people, including 10 children & a dog all posed, & all looked at the camera.  That is typically hard to do.  I know with 3 kids & a dog of my own.  These little ones had to do group shots, immediate family shots, sibling shots and while I looked very much forward to this job I anticipated a lot of pausing for the little ones, but everyone just rocked it.  Including God with the weather.  If pictures could really speak to you this one would absolutely inspire.  Thankfully I am honored to know Mr. & Mrs. S & their most awesome children for many years.  These are the happy faces & beautiful hearts of a family who has worked so so hard, are dedicated & loyal not just to each other, but to their friends.  They exude love & light & I feel blessed to witness that such families exist in today's crazy world.  {{Hugs}}