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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Friday Fun

So thankful for beautiful hearts we've connected with over the years.  Big congratulations to a friend who is a first time mommy to this beautiful doll!  Miss O is tiny, strong, smart and very chill.  I was completely in awe of her.  I've been doing newborns for about 8 years.  Since my 2nd child. What I feel is more important than the pose is making it a comfortable & easy experience for mom & baby.  I try to make it very calm paced.  There is plenty of time for feeding, changing, changing again, posing, resting, burping, etc...  Being a mom can be so stressful at times.  Besides beautiful portraits I hope I provide mom & baby a great experience.  I was thankful to hear her say in a message later, "Today was fun!"