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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Princess Adrianna

Princess Adrianna was anti pictures, anti posing, anti pretty dresses because this special princess...just like her mommy likes to roll in a t-shirt, shorts & sneakers. And that's cool with me because this tiny princess is my sisters daughter & my gorgeous Godbaby!! She was my last model before I went pro going on 2 years ago now & we both have grown soo much since then. Even with all Lil A's craziness I still had a hard time trying to decide which cute image to put up for her blog spot. I'm not sure if it was my sisters idea or Miss Princess' demand to go to the library, but it was the cutest place for pics! Adrianna, thank you for allowing Auntie Star* to torture you. You have noo idea how much I love you & I wish I got to love you up more often. I am looking forward to seeing Lil A's prom picture years from now; a beautiful blondie in t-shirt, shorts, sneakers & corsage. Thank you again Tree & Princess A. xoxoxo