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Friday, September 24, 2010

Asking for prayers & positive thoughts...

Hi Everyone,
I hope for your prayers & positive thoughts for my family & especially my dad. I can't believe I am having to post this.... Monday morning he had to go to the hospital & we found today that it's "c" & terminal. I am still praying & hoping for a miracle. I still need my daddy & his grand babies still need their Pops. I'm taking a brief step back till we see what's going on & such. My mom is also often the babysitter of my L's & of course she needs to tend to her best friend of the past 44 years. Besides my family, photography is a great love of mine & I don't wish to be away long. Thank you with all my heart for your prayers & for your understanding. Again, I am still praying for a miracle for my dads restored health & many many more cherished years with him here. {{{Hugs!!}}}