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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Another Special First

This was a very special session for Miss E & I.  Most importantly it was for her First Holy Communion.  I couldn't have asked for a more angelic model or heavenly captures.  It was for me my 1st - First Communion session too & extra special because Miss E was my very, very first baby model.  Back in the day when my Nikon was the old fashioned film type, back when owning my own photography business never even entered my brain.  Her mommy, ( who I've also known for decades!  ...Even though we couldn't nearly be that old!  haha!! ) had asked me to do her 1st childs 3 month pictures.  I blissfully thought, sure I have a camera.  I had some cute thoughts in mind.  I took the pictures in my 2x2 area of my husbands & my first apartment.  It didn't even occur to me that years later doing this would be a great love of mine.  It amazes me now that people like one of my dearest friends inspired a passion I really never knew existed till a couple years later when I had my 1st child.  Some dear friends & my amazing husband saw something in me & that I didn't know was there & for that I am forever grateful.  I thought it extra special to use the same rose petals we used in my very 1st photo session for her 1st Communion session.  I think her baby & recent portrait shows in many ways how much we have all grown & how blessed we continue to be.  God bless you always Miss E.  I love you & your mommy so much.