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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Those Baby Blues

After Miss E's 1st Communion shoot her baby brother, Mr. L's big blue eyes were just begging my Nikon for a few snaps.  I took a few & then he ended up needing a shirt change ( I think it was his plan to spit up on purpose..sneaky boy! ) & so having a new outfit we did a few more shots & the mini mini session seemed meant to be since this lil man will be 9m next week!  He's so darn tiny I wanted to put him in my camera bag & hope his mama wouldn't notice.  haha!!  And don't let his tininess full you.  He can eat double what my big booch can.  : )  My camera was extra thankful to steal a few captures of those enormous & handsome blue blue eyes!  {{{ Hugs }}}