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Monday, December 28, 2015

Heading To New Beginnings!

I'm always blessed with a session that seems to bookend the end of a year & the beginning of a new one.  I was honored yesterday to do another session for a dear friend of mine since 7th grade.  ...Just a few years ago.  ;)  Rather than yoga poses this was various, casual head shots.  I always say she's the ying to my yang & I don't mean dark & light & positive & negatives.  We've both been thru some hard things in life, but completely different experiences.  But our different life experiences still bring us to the same worries, the same tears, the same joys - but for various reasons.  I think we are a perfect example to each other & a reminder that we are all on different paths in life.  It's an adventure that is scary & fun and no matter where we are on these different roads we are never alone.  She took a leap of faith last year - sold her yoga studios & belongings & traveled via back pack to many places including Costa Rica, Guatemala, Venezuela & Mexico.  She's back state side & ready to take on 2016.  We both are looking to take our careers in new directions & once again it makes things seem scary & exciting.  I  know we will - as always be there for each other.  Happy New Year!  {{Hugs}}