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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Thankfully Vintage

Thanks to my infamous migraines I missed my Friday blog post.  But was going thru some old photos & posted this one on my Facebook page & wrote much too long of a caption & realized I accidentally wrote a blog entry; so here it is!

Back in the days of film photography... This picture is crazy special to me for a multiple of reasons. 1) I adore the people in this capture, 2)It's kinda vintage photography with the film. You didn't have the option of going into photoshop & fixing things. 3) Ben & I were still living in our 1st place in Willoughby. This was taken in the parking lot of our apartment! 4)I've mentioned a few times in the past how others saw in me what I hadn't realized myself till after I had babies of my own. That I LOVE photography. My sister, my husband & 1 of my oldest friends Joanie were 3 key people to this discovery. Joanie asked me to do these pictures for her & I really didn't think anything of it. I was just doing something for her & that cutie baby! I wish I could go back to that mind set though!! I hadn't a care or worry about what I was doing. I wasn't 2nd guessing myself or freaking out my brain with miscellaneous worries. I just picked up my camera & started shooting. I need to find that new balance & I can feel myself there in this capture. Thank you SO much Joanie, Tree, & Ben for being those special sparks for me. ♥ I can never love what I do more then when I remember those who lit the flame...including my baby loves too. ♥