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Friday, February 1, 2013

Where To Print??

     Yay!  I'm on a roll remembering to do my Friday blogs!  Unfortunately my website is STILL down.  I'm suppose to wait 36 hours for the company to contact me before I try to contact them again.  : (  Boo!!  I pray this is fixed soon!!  In the meantime you can still view the blog from my links on here...
     1 of 2 things I started to touch on a bit last year was, "Where to print??"  I wouldn't feel complete if I didn't share that there is a difference in any print lab you choose.  Thankfully one of my photog friends, Annie from Paint the Moon has done the research for me & I shares her findings above.  You can click on it to see it larger.  I know also that Walgreens & Walmart also had an auto boost in their prints.  They assume Mr. & Mrs. Doe took a pic off their cell or something & so they were boosting the colors automatically for you.  Most photographers do this already & then when you receive your Wal-mart/green pics they are over saturated.   Annie suggested calling ahead if you have done an online order ( that's what I always do.  Quick & SO easy! ).  Call & ask them to turn the auto boost off.  I tried this with both labs numerous times immediately after having submitted my orders & both places always said it was too late.  But I have noticed with Walgreens the last few times that my pictures were no longer over saturated.  Perhaps enough people followed Paint the Moons advice & so they no longer auto boost.  And of course you can always support local print shops.  The city of Mentor has Dodds Camera & Van's Photo.  If you choose them please be sure to tell them that you were referred by moi!  Have a great weekend!  I hope this was another helpful blog!!  {{{ HuGs! }}}